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  • Policy Brief Workshop

    Policy Brief Workshop

    Welcome to Policy brief writing training. This training comprise of preliminary preparatory work that we expect the participants to do before attending the workshop. The workshop will be delivered via zoom as an online session on  11 July 2023, 8.30am - 11.30 (UK); 2.30pm (Hanoi); 13.00 (Sri Lanka).

    It is a three-hour workshop.  

    We are expecting the group to get together after the event for some discussion (time tbd) and for there to be follow-up support in the preparation of actual briefs.

  • Workshop 11th July

    Workshop Agenda

    1. Introduction What is a policy brief? Why do we want to produce them? 

    2. Background considerations What should I think about to ensure my policy brief reaches the right people at the right time and in the right way? 

    3. Content What should I include in a policy brief and why? 

    4. Writing Getting to grips with a new style of writing

    5. What next? Maximising your chances of success.