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Welcome to Political Economy of AMR and Infectious Disease.

Hello and welcome to the Political Economy of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Infectious Diseases course! We are excited to virtually meet all of you and begin our exploration into the many issues and topics that will be covered in this course. 

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This course is aimed at enhancing critical research methods in Political Economy amongst early career researchers exploring socio-economic and political factors that determine anti-microbial use and resistance and infectious disease spread in livestock systems. The course describes theoretical, methodological and practical political economy approaches to aid critical appraisal of the state of current livestock production systems. We explore four political economy themes, including i) agriculture markets and value chains, ii) governance and corporate power, iii) feminist economics, and iv) agricultural livelihoods in the context of global and local livestock systems. Special focus is given to the practice of political economy approaches with respect to underlying paradigms, philosophical assumptions and politics of research in LMICs.


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