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    The Interdisciplinary Hub Education Network or iHEN is the One Health Poultry Hub online learning platform. Using Moodle to provide courses, resources, and online learning to Hub members and the wider One Health Poultry Hub community.
    In this guest area, you will find information on the One Health Poultry Hub; who we are, and what we do. You will also be able to view several open-access resources hosted on iHEN and links to external resources such as the Hub blog 'Chicken Nuggets'.

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    • The main focus of iHEN is to provide online courses and learning materials to the One Health community, we hope to be able to provide wider access to our resources in time. If you would like more information about our programmes or would like to contribute to the Hub in any way, please email Rhiannon Prescott (link)

      Several distance learning programs have already run via iHEN in collaboration with Hub contributors. New courses are currently in production.

      Political Economy of AMR and Infectious Disease - This course was aimed at enhancing critical research methods in Political Economy amongst early career researchers exploring socio-economic and political factors that determine anti-microbial use and resistance and infectious disease spread in livestock systems. The course describes theoretical, methodological, and practical political economy approaches to aid critical appraisal of the state of current livestock production systems. We explore four political economy themes, including i) agriculture markets and value chains, ii) governance and corporate power, iii) feminist economics, and iv) agricultural livelihoods in the context of global and local livestock systems. Special focus is given to the practice of political economy approaches with respect to underlying paradigms, philosophical assumptions, and politics of research in LMICs.

      Molecular Techniques to Monitor and Investigate Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) - The growing prevalence of AMR is a global health challenge that requires accurate and rapid diagnostic methods to confirm phenotypic testing in surveillance studies and to understand the mechanisms responsible for the development of AMR. The aim of his course is to provide the training for researchers to become expert in the detection of AMR, using techniques from basic antimicrobial susceptibility testing to molecular diagnostic methods.

      Eyes on the ground - an introduction to Citizen Science - This course was developed as part of a research project undertaken by the Bloomsbury SET group (link) - "Connecting capability to combat the threat from infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance". One of the outputs of the research project is a "model for training citizen scientists in the collection of environmental and population data that is relevant to the study of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and other health challenges". This course is phase one of that model and is intended to provide training for citizen scientists generally. A second version will be developed later, having specific reference to the study of AMR and other health issues, and will be based on the practical knowledge and expertise gained as a result of conducting the research project itself.

      For updates on Courses please do join our mailing list (link)

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      • There are currently two online resources available for guest access on iHEN.

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        Biological sampling Methodology (link)This is the resources page for One Health Poultry Hub Work Programme Documents for P2. The research protocols for Host - Pathogen Interaction Dynamics work are provided here.

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        Campylor Bactor Presentation (link)- In this video presentation Dr Richard Stabler (LSHTM) gives an overview of the planned Hub research activities related to Campylobacter


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          The Chicken Nuggets Blog(link) is hosted on the One Health Poultry Hub website. This area is home to blog entries from the hub which discuss and reflect on the many aspects of our work both within the Poultry Hub and related areas.

          Here (link) you will find posts on many topics including:

          The One Health Roadmap Series: Discussions for the Future of Poultry, People, and Planet promoted discussions to identify practical and equitable approaches to health security, food security, and food systems that incorporate justice in human, animal, and environmental health, and contribute to the United Nations’ call to ‘Build Back Better’ after COVID-19. It did this via exchanges between high-level, expert panellists in fortnightly online events together with audience engagement before, during, and after these events. In countries where the One Health Poultry Hub is active, the material is contributing to the ongoing country and regional level discussions and policy actions.

          The events took place between October 2020 and August 2021.

          Click HERE (link) to view the Roadmap Series Video Recordings.

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